ISO Policies

Quality Policy

“L&K, company involved in quality inspection, assembly and other related services for semiconductor and electronic products is committed in providing quality products and services to its customers that meets applicable statutory and regulatory requirements through continual improvement and efficient review of the quality objectives, customer feedbacks and effectiveness of its quality management system”.


Environmental Policy

“L&K Industries Philippines, Inc., a semi-conductor and electronics company involved in the back-end processing of Lead Frames, Tape Substrates, Rigid BGA, assembly of Light Emitting Diodes and trading of opto-electronic devices, is strongly dedicated in the upliftment and protection of the Environment, by ensuring a continually improving system which is responsive to the needs of all stakeholders and fully complies to applicable National and International Environmental Laws and Regulations and to other requirements that need to be complied with”

To realize and achieve this, L&K shall seek the cooperation of all its stakeholders through the following activities:

a. Identify and conduct periodic monitoring and evaluation of all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations, including customer and CDC requirements pertaining to Environmental protection and conservation;

b. Identify all the environmental aspect pertaining to activities, products and services and evaluate these aspect according to its significant impact on the environment.

c. Set objectives and targets to minimize waste and the use of natural resources;

d. Prevent the incidence of air, water, noise and land pollution by ensuring the compliance to specified level of air pollutant from equipment generating air emission, properly manage level of water effluent and noise pollution and ensuring the proper treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes;

e. Provide appropriate training to all employees and suppliers to understand the essence of this policy;

f. Make this environmental policy available to the public by posting this at our website and act on their suggestion for improvements and by posting in all strategic areas inside L&K premises.

g. Continuously review and improve our environmental systems and controls including this policy, objectives, targets and programs.